Friday, December 4, 2015

I know one day

I know one day, 

I know one day, you will take me out of my sorrow, and walk me above the rainbow;
I know one day, the tears shall stop and the life shall blossom again;
I know one day, you will restore my hope and I shall see the light;
I know one day, you will bring the man to me, whom you've taught him how to love me;
I know one day, this man is never familiar, but he shall hold my hand till the end of the world;
I know one day, he will wipe away my memories, and replace with a brand new memory;
I know one day, you will show me this best plan to me, and who am I shall say no;
I know that one day, I am nobody to decide my own destiny, but I wish the familiar face would stay..
I know, one day...

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