Thursday, November 17, 2011


i'm just feeling distress and devastating
something inside of mine mess around
cannot feel the peace
nor can i express out the feeling
shadow of mine yelling so loud
but no one can hear in the silent dark night
things facing hinders
i'm stumble, again.

going back study life tomorrow.
is the beginning of another plight?
the way to avoid what was happening now?
or an opportunity to start afresh?

I don't know. 我不知道。わからない。I don't know. 我不知道。わからない。

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


to be honest,
i'm not fancy Giddens's ( 九把刀) collection..
and especially the way he cites a love story..
i read this novel long time ago
and i do have a negative impression about the book and the story..

this is the reason i first got a big shock when i heard about the movie.
thanks to my lover who dragged me for the movie.

indeed a very enjoying movie
especially when i'm giving it no big hope
i like it when movie criticizer point out the vital factor that bring such a victory to this movie
yea, it's true that we lack of high school movie
a simple, innocent and enthusiastic story
that stir our youth memory
the one that had been hidden deep in our heart
the bittersweet moment in our young age..


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

semester break

when i plan to
carry out my essential routines more details
eg: sleep 8 hours per day, bath thoroughly, eat nicely..
carry out my responsibilities
eg: help in house courses, practise my MUET, continue my jishuu and do my laboratory jotter..
carry out my hobbies
eg: play piano, update my mp5, mould my clay collection..
carry out my entertainments
eg: watch drama, catch out hot movies, post on blog, chat on Net, watching television shows..
carry out new activities
eg: compose new songs, travel to kl, lim teh with friends, swimming..

2 weeks break are definitely not enough..
aiks..can i have longer holiday??

やすみ~やすみ   i will like you more if you stop bragging..

Thursday, November 10, 2011

time flies--first semester in KMNS

"" walking at dark alley alone
no electricity no water supply out of sudden  ""

i've done my first semester just a clip of eyes.
& i still remember the grumbles & grudges first i get into this place
there's no way i can imagine to be in a boarding college
with all the unexpected experiences
hanging around at college compound at late night
walking at dark alley alone
no electricity no water supply out of sudden
walking across the big field with cluster of stars above your head
getting use to the long distance travel from my hostel to college compound
and the most important
being the minority among people of not my race
but i'm getting pretty well
next semester going to be the best one.
I'm sure of that. C:

i think i started to love this place.
please, just be the first one.
that i would choose to keep in my memory
as a new beginning of my life.