Sunday, August 28, 2011

presence of God

"" for the very first time,
i sensed the presence of God
i felt the holy spirit working inside of me ""

back from a wonderful church camp,
is just like i meant to be in the camp..
or every each of us meant to be there..
the camp will be incomplete without any single member.

for the very first time,
i sensed the presence of God
i felt the holy spirit working inside of me
that was really amazing..
i never knew it can be so true so alive
until that moment..
even though i still not sensitive to holy spirit
but it's a good starting for me
to open up my heart.

enjoyed not only the time with God,
but with my cell group members
we've been as close as siblings.
thx Andy Johnson & Eevon for giving me a memorable time.
i don't have to mask up in front of you.
also other members whom not able to attend the camp
hoping for our next reunion.
truly, i love you guys.

credit to all musicians who lead the praise & worship,
thumbs up!!
you guys are really awesome.
my pleasure to be in this team.
longing for our next gigs together!

kelly, pro keyboardist & i :)

the members of SIM! super idiot ministry XD

left: yiling, johnson, andy & eevon

the campers of Holy Spirit weekends 2011

Saturday, August 20, 2011

glad to back in JB.
the first time I truly recognized it as my hometown.
can't wait to go home for the past one week.
once i stepped on the ground at JB.
i could sense the right feeling.
this is the place where i was born.
the place that i belong to.
for the very first time,
i know i'm attached to this land.
not a beautiful or natural wonderland,
but just an ordinary place that always printed in my memory.
deep in my heart.
i knew i love this place.
and i will still come back no matter what or how.


I'm here, in JB.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

my return..

"" feeling alone.
i wonder where is God,
to carry me through the dilemma & the sorrow. ""

it has been 2 months after my last post..
staying in boarding college most of the time.
Even i grabbed the chance to back JB,
i will surely have piles of tasks.
the summary for past 2 months:

I've baptized in Christ to turn a totally new man.
it has been decades i never receive a mountain of presents & blessings.
it was a wonderful day though.
& I'm still living in Christ with the mighty strength He gave me.
yet, i still haven't join the church in Negeri Sembilan.
i'm indecisive to take the first step.
feeling alone.
i wonder where is God,
to carry me through the dilemma & the sorrow.

I'd broke up with my 2 years boyfriend.
was it hurtful or painful?
maybe.. a little bit?
or i
cruel or cold-blooded?
that's right.
i guess i don't even have a right to feel guilty or heartbroken.
can't wait to end the journey,
yet when it actually come to the terminal,
i can't hold back my tears.
2 years can be nothing or everything.

having a little conflicts with my friends.
i thought it will never happen again.
but i'm facing another crush in my friendship...once again..
chels is the only one i can still get along..
ooi is trying to understand my language..
& i'm trying hard to mend the relationship with her too.
the rest...i don't know..
I'm really sick of it!
tell me what to do, Am?
i scare i will lose the bet..

the relationship with my family is pretty well.
i did called them most of the time.
crapping, my life here, my new experiences but
not much of troubles.
come on..i'm not going to make them worry about me.
unless something colossal did happened.
from what i'd been going through.
family is still your true backbone that will never breakdown.
i love you guys, my family.

2 and the half month be in KMNS,
i'd used to the life here.
just a little grumbles and complaints here and there.
like the shortage of water,
unsatisfactory towards certain lecturers,
& the punctual morning calls.
i can still cope with the rest.

that's all from me so far. i will be in JB in a short time.