Saturday, December 31, 2011


people might ask what is acapella
i will tell you is producing a melody or a music 
using your voice, or without using any instruments

so i took part in this competition
after the recruitment of my friends
we make it to the final 9 among all 20+ groups
and for sure we put in our great effort
in arranging the music, brainstorming for all kind of creativity
thinking for actions, referring various kind of videos
to make up a performance.

what i can say, we really did our best.
especially Gohgoh who leads the team,
Serene who contributes most of her time,
Babe & Chanchan finding references.
Chels who always try to give ideas...

at least we make it to final.
although we didn't win the prize at last.
but is definitely a good experience, isn't it? C: 

Monday, December 26, 2011

4 days 3 night!

finally made it to Subang Jaya at last.
after thinking & planning for freaking long time.
thanks God for blessing my trips
with full of enjoyment, fun, closer relationship & safety.
i do have a wonderful holiday there.
Again, thanks God for the free accommodation & transportation
so that i have a loose budget to truly enjoy, hehe.

so, here i am.
staying at Subang Jaya, my dearest Ping's rented room.
for 3 nights, sharing the same bed. LOL


leaving from college after mentor-mentee program
by Chanchan's car.
have a tasty KFC during tea break.
later on, continue our journey to Shah Alam.
reached at 7 pm at Boey's house,
again, waiting Chels' parents who stuck in traffic jam,
playing with Boey's niece & nephew,
& scanning through her room.
okay, i'm not a stalker or a pervert.

going for dinner with Chels' family.
another waiting Ping to bring me to her place.
a nice room but a terrible night.
cannot fall asleep the night
and finally 2.30am,
vomited for few times until 4am.
the first time got so sick these few years
felt so bad waking up Ping from her sweet dream
but too i'm touched her accompaniment through out the night.
love you, my girl. muakz!
got my very first medicine after so many years not taking any medicines.


even though slept at 4am,
my biological clock still woke me up at 7am
doing my own prayer and bible reading
while waiting Ping to wake up.
stomach still churning.
but determined to try all nice food at Subang
with my loose budget.
wearing a cute dress given by Ping
having brunch at nice chinese kopitiam
( my brunch is just a hot dessert == )
went to Sunway Pyramid, woohoo!
bought the movie ticket " Happy Feet 2 "
and the time for SHOPPING
some of the shops had started the year end sale.
and i got my first thick belt for my dress.
try my first 'Auntie Anne' toasted bread,
though end up taking only few bites.
( the rest Ping help me to settled )

then we try a pure fresh fruit flavour Japanese brand 'Kindori' ice-cream.
it's smooth yet not too sweet!

lemon & watermelon flavour, i love the watermelon <3

Next, i was suggested to get somw titbits like this....
DA DANG! wasabi flavour popcorn!
i assumed it is the less unhealthy one as the price is not that cheap ==
but it definitely taste awesome !!

 shopping spree, enjoying movie, tasting variety of delicacies.
so this is our dinner,
'delicious' is the shop name, i guess.
the service is awesome.
free cold sky juice & hot lemon water.
and this is what we order.

strawberry cheese cake!

we spent a whole day ar Sunway Pyramid.
truly a whole day until 8 or 9 night.
dear Ping know i'm a chocolate lover
so this is my gift! SWISS chocolate with super high chocolate content.

thought our happy day ends?
not yet!
we continue our 'tasting all delicacies in SJ' mission
heading to 'snowgurt'

our day ends with movie 'Puss in Boots'


again, heading to Sunway Pyramid
but going for ice-Skating!! whoohoo!
my very first attempt.
mook & valerie join our trip today.
is an amazing experience though i kept trip & fall.
we get to the chance to go MidValley 
because of our very kind driver, mook.
met up with MinLee for a sumptuous dinner.
something caught my eyes that i can't do anything 
other than brought it home.

a superb gold ribbon ring!

strolling around & back to SS12 at 10pm
by our feet,
we manage to go here & there.
trying another nice dessert shop, 'snowflakes'
tasted both hot & icing desserts.
i would say no wonder the shop always crowded with dessert lover.

thinking to go cafe ( 民歌餐厅) enjoying music,
but obviously, the singer today is not our tea.
persuading valerie stay overnight together
& accidentally found out we own the same interest.
which is D.I.Y !
so what we do is finding youtube some DIY video 
& tried it ourselve.

can you notice there were 3 roses
night is beautiful when you got more things to enjoy.
girls have no-end gossips when it came to pillow talk.
thanks to MinLee influence
i suggested to watch Victoria Secret Runway as our midnight program.
ended up sleep at 4.30pm.
i have to say this is the latest throughout the year.
but, it's worth C:


have to get back my village life soon.
but still, it's glad to meet up with CherSyn.
we had a good time gather together.
taking lunch and updating our life.
before leaving the place
i managed to tried some popular snacks & delicacies my last time
Gong Cha milktea, RA bakery & Tart house.

we can choose different level of sugar & ice for our milktea!

crispy & crunchy eggtart
looks simple but tasty green tea sponge cake. full fillings ham bread.
the hardest part was still the time saying goodbye.
but knowing that we're going to meet up soon.
that's alright.
give a big big hug to my dear friends C:

this is the last part after my trip.