Sunday, December 23, 2012

no more -teen. My birthday wishlist!

I'm almost 20
finally going to leave the '-teen' words behind
when I'm going to say goodbye to nine'teen'
four months being a university student,
to be exact is a medical student.
Still a very tough & stressful life for me.
But I'm giving my best to enjoy every each day.
At least I thank God for giving me good people around me :D

I don't really need anything for my birthday actually.
what I wish is just to spend time with the loves one.
My family, friends, buddies..
when you know yourself being cared & loved,
that's the most precious gift.

But still if I can receive presents, I would like to have this!

I just wonder if I can get a full sets of dress with accessories and even a pair of high heels! I'm gonna transform to a little woman soon. XP Grabbed the chance to window shopping at Berjaya Times Square and spotted this very elegant and lovely dress with special cutting. The length of skirt at front part is shorter where it extends longer at the behind part. Just suit my not so tall height, LOL. The price was slightly higher than what I will pay, with just normal quality clothing, so hopefully I can get a better one with same design and a more reasonable price.

My Crocs sandals got to say goodbye with not until one year age, which I received during my last birthday, a bit heartache, partly because this sandals really brought great comfort to my feet when I have to walk most of the time during my pre-U and Uni life. Since I need to walk for another 4 years, it will be great if I can get another one.

I need a new watch seriously! If anyone really observant enough, I'm using rubberband to stabilise the belt of my watch. And the originally white-based is more to yellowish now. Realizing the trend of E-shop having different kinds of products from different countries, and they always promote their websites by giving free mailing & bla bla. I think I just need a wrist watch with good quality for me to last for the coming few years, with maybe fancy design?

haha, these are the main I guess. The rest, maybe a stainless steel water bottle? more environmental friendly & less harmless for health :)
and a very strong, sustainable ( for strong wind and rain ) UV-protected umbrella?

Since I want to transform, guess it is the time for me to start learning how to make up, LOL. No worries, not the smokey eyes, just a simple make up. I shall start with basic foundation and blushes for a more even tone and bright looking. Face care is inevitable at this point i think, have to put more effort in doing mask already. 

Lastly, I really feel like changing a new hair style, hoping a nice & stylish one! Not sure wheether to dye, perm or cut it. Just wait and see :D
Going bangkok soon, looking forward :D