Sunday, March 18, 2012

blood donation ~ gift from heaven

"" just with a belief that,
to donate blood is a gift from heaven
having the ability to save life,
even though i'm not as great as our Heavenly Father ""

got my second attempt last Thursday.
i've been actively taken part in this activity until late to class : x

praying so hard Aunt Flo will not visit until the event is over.
people think i'm crazy when knowing i'm fasting that day.
but Thanks God my body is strong enough to hold me even i'm not eating.
if you ask me why am i doing so?
i do not owe an exact answer.

just with a belief that,
to donate blood is a gift from heaven
having the ability to save life,
even though i'm not as great as our Heavenly Father

not everybody is giving this ability.
people who constantly consume medicine,
people who have weak immune system,
people who have low blood pressure,
people who are under weigh,
people who have low haemoglobin content..
they are unpermittted to donate blood no matter how eager they want.

just don't mention the benefit that our body will synthesis new blood after donation,
you will not know what marvelous thing you can do to the needies by enduring just a little pain
i'm always proud to be a universal donor since i recognized my blood type.
and Thanks God i reach all the requirement 
even though my weight and blood pressure is right in the border.  
to me,
this is just a simple little thing i can contribute to the society.

blood is the treasure from God.
just when Jesus died on the cross and cleansed us with His holy blood
if you believe,
a drop of blood brings a new life :)

trying hard not to think about the final exam.
just let me enjoy my last moments in this college & i'll strive hard!!


sweet coincidence

if you ever been in a crush,
you should understand how it feels  :)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

AGAIN. non-gentleman

i thought it's time to put off my mask.
letting u guys be a little bit gentleman
who knows none of you do care.
this will be the first time and the last time.

let go

i'm not pessimist 
but just allow me to post this
i'll surely be alright the next day.

i lost.
not even enter final.
not counting how much time i've spent on it
not counting how much effort i've put in it

thx Goh for the small but warm shoulder
so sorry to wet it
thx ML for the big hug
telling i'm being loved

but where are you when you saw my teardrops?
watching like a stranger
with the cold deep eyes
what i hope is just an alright from you
but why are you refuse to say that
why are you looking at me as if none of your business?
it hurts
seriously hurt

i thought i can be tough
i thought nobody will reveal it
i thought you're the forever secret in me
but i just cannot help it

you choose to distance from me
when i need you the most.

i failed.
fail to see through you.
and is no longer a matter
as i'll put it an end
i never bear to let go
but the pain leave me no choice.
i hate the me denying how much i cared.


输 . lost






another sleepless night...