Saturday, February 25, 2012

after all

it's something that i wanted so much
but i never ready for it.
how tough is it to show the true me in front of you guys.
i never wanted to hide it.
it's just uneasy to speak out my mind
when you don't even bother to ask
forcing a stiff smile even i'm not happy with it
worrying you might annoy or irritate by the true me
the grumbles the thinking the criticism the whatever are sedimenting deep in my heart
i'm suffocating
God, tell me how to face you with a sincere heart
i do envy them, even reach the stage of jealousy
sorry for sinning,
but i desperately long to be myself in front of you

why am i piss off with you?
who am i to rag on you?
i'm not God who judge people
so shouldn't i be frustrated just because we live in different ways
not in accordance of my expectation
i'm sorry

who say our country is having financial problem?
who say our country does not prepare enough education fund?
it's just you're not the chosen one
any of my friends here surely have a sibling who is studying overseas
it seems so easy
but i'm still here striving so hard hoping to grab that chance
even knowing it's impossible
after all
i shall learn that life is never fair  

he told me i looked exhausted
and he felt upset looking at my pale face 
thanks for being a good listener
i appreciate it, friend  :) just happened yesterday..

Monday, February 6, 2012

yum'cha' at Library

we are not going library to study,
but yumcha ( drink tea )
the tea is not the normal tea but liquor!
wondering? confusing? 
so, this is the Library i mean.
a modern designed gastropub, an outlet located at Mount Austin!

my very first attempt to the pub.
it had incorporating thematic interior designs to create a conducive ambience for a nice wind down session
I do like the theme very much
using library environment to create their own identity and icon.

it was a Saturday night when my friends and I gave it a visit.
it's kinda disappointed there was no band performance though they do have full band set.
and according to my friend,
they don't really have a band performance so far.

we chose the seat at first floor rather than ground floor.
hoping a more quiet environment for chit-chating.
it was alright when the time was still early ( around 8pm or 9pm )
but it went noisy when it was getting crowded by people.
it was rather upset that we had to raise our voice while talking
not a high class pub with soft background music
but the music with strong bass did make me dance along
the Library served not only liquor but tantalizing food menu
rather than serving alcoholic drinks and pub grubs
they offered meals too
the price is affordable and acceptable
from left : peppermint, paraiso lychee ( RM 22 )
my first order of alcoholic drinks, paraiso lychee
very nice lychee fragrance
but apparently, I'm not used to drink
and it's a bit hard for me to enjoy it

male and female shared a lavatory
I've never been in other pub before
and i don't really know whether all other pubs having the common design 
but it did make me feel awkward seeing guys in the same lavatory
guessed I'm not the only one feeling uneasy
as the scenery of whole bunch girls self-capturing in front of mirror disappeared
but rushing out after using the facility

anyway, it is still a moderate place to hang around
but board game cafe, dessert house or min ge can ting ( cafe with band performance )
will be a better choice if you just order orange juice in pub

ku and yuanjun having a pool game
a gathering with ex-schoolmates