Monday, September 8, 2014

Somewhere in Klang

I know one day I will be here, I know I'll be in love with this place according to the seniors' sharing, I know it will be a place flooded with memory, I know it will unlock my another stage of journey in life, and I know all these will no longer in future tense.

Yes, I'm here in Klang in the end. Can't believe how time flies, I'm now a third year medical students, which is the half of the journey as a medical student. When my beloved first year junior is still having their orientation week, I can't help but reminiscing the life when I was a newbie in a university. I still remember how I greet my buddies, how I met my third year buddy in Klang and celebrated his birthday all the way back to Klang, and that was my first glance of this place. I guess second year didn't give much impact merely because that is another pre-clinical year, the year with only studies and university events!!Still can't believe I'm already third year, guess I would only admit it when I meet the new faces soon.

The second day, after the registration yesterday. Free, too free. Holiday makes me lazy, I don't mind lying on the bed most of my day grumbling with headache, tired, depressed when I used to be a workaholic. Perhaps I'm just like my pity phone battery, the more I'm charging, the more it is discharging without my notice. Or even when I thought I'm 100% percent charged, but it just drains out within half day. Two free days, what a great time to explore around, to be amused by new fresh stuffs. But finding no strength, no one, all I want is my bed and forever asleep. Who cares, yea,the exact word, who cares. When I'm paranoid to get stuck in this deadly place, who actually care? An isolated place just proof me this loner better. You don't understand, do you? You're just too busy to understand.

Too afraid of changes, I thought I'm always good in adapting, it makes me confused. Now I know, it's not the changing of environment that scared me, but the changes of my behaviour and heart. I can't find the independent, cool and confident girl who enjoying doing her own stuffs ignoring others. Trying to blend in, what a terrible idea when your emotion is worse than terrible. Losing myself too much, can I blame on you? No I decided no more emotional because of you, no more roller coaster mood because of you, no more time reserve for you before my own planning. You're taking up too much of my independence, no, I still wanna be independent as if there is no change. When I plan my best schedule just to see you, I'll never get an assurance that you are eagerly hoping to see me. Behind every effort I try to make, is only more doubt, disappointment, depression and more insecurities. You never know I hated those feeling so much. And you made me feel guilty and condemned if I'm hypersensitive. You never understand, do you? Fine then if you think is too troublesome to see me, then don't meet. I'll stop making any effort before I'm assured what I'm doing is not syok sendiri but it comes mutually. I'm tired actually. 

There's a saying,
If something or someone belongs to you, even when you let go, it will still come back to you.