Sunday, September 4, 2011


Abstinence. It works everytime.
this is the slogan of the " No Apologies " camp launched by Focus On The Family
with the theme : the truth about life, love + sex
so I'm now sharing about SEX or VIRGINITY

Abstinenceis refraining grom all sexual activity including:
intercourse, oral sex, anal sex & mutual masturbation.

I'm not going to elaborate more on it,
but I will show the fact & statistic that YOU might not know.
as I believe teenagers nowadays have the ability to think
is the crucial time for you to think about whether to have PREMARITAL SEX

the FACTS of condom
* condoms may reduce but do not eliminate the risk of acquiring STDs ( sex transmitted diseases )
* they slightly reduce the risk if transmitting gonorrhea
* condoms do not appear to offer any protection against HPV, herpes or chlamydia
* it's estimated that 75% of sexually active individuals have had- or currently have - HPV
* only 15-20% of sexually active adolescents report consistent use of condoms
* 15% of all couples who rely on condoms will become pregnant in the first year, while teens who cohabitate can expect condoms to fail 71% of the time.
* condoms fail about 15% of the time to reduce the risk of HIV infection.

friends, are you going to risk your future on that piece of rubber??

Sexually transmitted disease (STD)
* approximately 15 million new STD cases are reported, 1/4 sexually experienced teens will acquire an STD
* PID can lead to infertility & ectopic pregnancy ( prevent the baby from developing normally )
* nearly 2/3 of all STDs occur in people yonger than 25 years of age
* complications from STDs are more severe and more frequent among women than among men
* STDs may increase susceptibility to HIV infections two to five fold
* nearly 3 in 10 teen pregnancies end in abortion

So, YOU might think that you could play around the passion's fire and not get burned
as only sexual intercourse will contribute to STDs. 
But I'm telling you now:
skin to skin contact in sexual activities will STILL contribute to STDs even WITHOUT sexual intercourse.
In other words, you don't have to lose your virginity to contact a STD.

 the DANGERS in a date 
* 56% of girls raped by a date
* 30% raped by a friend
* 11% raped by a boyfriend
* 90% of these 'acquaintance rapes' involved alcohol
* 74% of girls who had intercourse before the age of 14 report having sex against their will.

this is more I could share.
you might be surprised of the statistic or feel nothing about it.
But I'm encourage you & me starts to do something. 
if you want to be COOL, go against the trend!
Premarital sex is not the way.
Abstinence is the only 100% effective means of preventing pregnancy & the spread of STD