Friday, May 16, 2014

Eventually, we grown up

Happened to chat with my used-to-be-cool-artistic primary school teacher with rocker long hair and a primary school friend through facebook few days back and we just realized how time flies. 10 years, I never thought I've gone so far, and my cool teacher is now married and working in Mediacorp with his..hmm not so long hair anymore? 

I appreciate those people, who used to stay deep in my memory, reappear in my life. Letting me realize, how much I've grown up, how much I've changed along the way. Those people, who might forever stay as my facebook friends and I'll eventually forget their existence, willing to just bug me with a message, and we just make up a date for reunion spontaneously.

Friday, May 9, 2014


What is the irony feeling when your mind keep processing the emotion you've been tried to avoid? Feeling ' I don't wanna sleep when you're deprive from sleep so much,' feeling ' The fellow is talking bullshit when you know you shouldn't hate people,' feeling ' I don't wanna mix with any of them even you know that is the way to extend your network', feeling ' I think I'm alright where the tears can just roll down right after when you turn your back,' or feeling ' the emptiness of missing someone who don't worth you to give a second thought.'

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

追。 大摇与我 。寻

他们总说 Post Dayao Syndrome,过了两天仍处于颓废状态的我,很不愿意承认,却不能否认我的确是处于 PDS,虽然症状有异。